About Cowbilly George

Now there are Cowboys and there are Hillbillies. But there is only one “Cowbilly,” and that’s really a better way to describe George. You see George is a hillbilly boy who longs to be a cowboy and when you’re five, believing… is as good as being the real thing.

Fortunately, in the mind of a child anything can come true. All you have to do is believe. Come join George, his Ma and Pa and  plenty of his friends on all the adventures that Southern Indiana can provide to a “Real Cowboy.”

The Adventures of Cowbilly George is a children’s book series written by F.S. Haltom,  written for early-readers who enjoy vivid pictures, fun to read story lines and a message that will spark the imagination and inspire kids to be themselves.

Cowbilly George and the Slash Lightning Ranch

Cowbilly George and the Mule Eared Boots

Cowbilly George and the Greased Pig

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