F.S. Haltom – Author of Cowbilly George

As a little boy, F.S. Haltom wasn’t destined to flourish in the academic world. The youngest of six children and the only boy, he was more comfortable outdoors than inside. In his small rural Indiana community, you would be more likely to find him fishing or swimming in the lake than staying indoors to read a book.

In elementary school F.S. found reading to be a challenge and was singled out for remedial reading courses where his participation was suspect. His mother was dedicated and worked to keep him on task, but he was satisfied with the minimum of academic accomplishments. This track record continued through high school where he preferred trade school classes over traditional academic class work.

After graduation, F.S. enlisted in the United States Navy where he quickly rose through the ranks to become an instructor on electronic maintenance and repair. This duty ignited a passion for teaching and – to prepare for life after military service – F.S. began taking college courses part-time at Grossmont Community College in San Diego California.

Following his honorable discharge, F.S. continued classes and joined the San Diego State University adjunct faculty teaching water skiing through the Mission Bay Aquatic Center. He taught Physical Education courses for SDSU as well as recreation courses for the University of California San Diego. A series of summer camp programs at the Aquatic Center sparked his passion to teach elementary age children, so he enrolled at Point Loma Nazarene College in San Diego to become an elementary school teacher.

Throughout his college education, F.S. continued teaching part time and worked as an aide in the San Diego Unified School District. Upon graduation he worked to obtain his teaching credentials and soon became an elementary school teacher in San Diego County.

Five years later F.S. returned to Indiana and taught Special Education courses for kindergarten through third grade. His talent for helping special needs children led him to be hired to develop and teach an Extended Day Kindergarten course for academically challenged students. Life had come full circle for F.S. who could now help children with the same reading, math and oral language challenges he had faced as a child.

Leaving the teaching profession several years later to pursue other endeavors, F.S.’ passion to teach children never faltered and he began to write the “Cowbilly George” series. Hoping to help early readers discover a relevant character that is able to find a place for him self in this world, through perseverance, a positive attitude and a loving family.

F. S. Haltom hopes that every book in the Cowbilly George series inspires early readers to discover who they are while enjoying the adventures of a boy who is very lucky to be so unique.

Have a question or comment for F.S.? You may email him at f.s.haltom@cowbillygeorge.com.

Cowbilly George and the Slash Lightning Ranch

Cowbilly George and the Mule Eared Boots

Cowbilly George and the Greased Pig

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