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This children's book series is published electronically and in print, available for all your favorite e-reader formats including Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook and many computer based "eReader" software. Print editions available through Paypal.  

Cowbilly George

George’s five year old mind doesn’t understand why the kids don’t see he is a cowboy and not a hillbilly. George learns a little about himself, how he fits in and earns the nickname Cowbilly George.

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Cowbilly George and the Greased Pig

George competes in a greased pig contest and learns about patience and sportsmanship.

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Cowbilly George and the Mule Eared Boots

Coming Soon - George drives a mule team, makes a new friend, and earns a pair of mule eared boots.

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Cowbilly George and the Slash Lightning Ranch

Coming Soon - While helping with a round up in New Mexico, George discovers the reason a cow won't come in and earns the respect and favor of Mr. Cauzza.

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