Cowbilly George

Cowbilly GeorgeCowbilly George is the first story in a series of early-reader children’s books featuring a five year old boy from the hills.

Friendly, innocent and with a big imagination, George believes he is a cowboy. But during a visit to town, the kids he meets make fun of his hillbilly ways. George’s five year old mind doesn’t understand why the kids don’t see he is a cowboy and not a hillbilly. After all, he has a hat and everything!

Through the love, understanding, and wisdom of his mother, George learns a little about himself, how he fits in and earns the nickname Cowbilly George.

"This is literary brilliance to be shared and enjoyed with children of all ages."

- Patty M. Lexington, Kentucky

"Cowbilly George is an engaging story, sure to capture your child’s imagination!"

- Rick C. Aston, Pennsylvania

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading the story of Cowbilly George."

- Tammie R., Waverly, TN

"This book will keep the attention of young readers and inspire them to read more."

- Judy C., LIbrarian

"My 5 year-old niece adores Cowbilly George!"

- Sally G., Cochran, GA