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"The “Cowbilly George” stories are clever and fun to read, while sharing a message with the audience."

- Mrs. Tolbert's, Class Franklin Central High School

"Great books we really enjoy them. I love the artwork. "

- Susan C. Saint Loius Missouri

"My students always have them checked out. They teach good lessons and the kids think they're hilarious.

- Austin T. Shelbyville, Indiana

"Cowbilly George and The Greased Pig has become my son's favorite book/story! "

- Cary S. Canyon Lake, California

"This is literary brilliance to be shared and enjoyed with children of all ages."

- Patty M. Lexington, Kentucky

"Cowbilly George is an engaging story, sure to capture your child’s imagination!"

- Rick C. Aston, Pennsylvania

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading the story of Cowbilly George."

- Tammie R., Waverly, TN

"This book will keep the attention of young readers and inspire them to read more."

- Judy C., LIbrarian

"My 5 year-old niece adores Cowbilly George!"

- Sally G., Cochran, GA

"We love Cowbilly George and the illustrations are great too! "

- Bridget C., Quemado, NM

Cowbilly George and the Slash Lightning Ranch

Cowbilly George and the Mule Eared Boots

Cowbilly George and the Greased Pig

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